So it's Wednesday and there are 4 days until the home opener at my internship so everyone is beyond busy preparing. Luckily, I've been sticking to my diet really well.

Exercise not so much. But I know that's only about 30% of the equation. I'm going to do 2 Focus T25 workouts tonight to make up for missing a day.

I'm hoping I will stick to this workout program because I really need to and know that it's still important. 

Unfortunately, a cheat meal will be happening tonight at our dinner/banquet for the Rhinos tonight. I'm going to try to not go overboard, but eat as much as my body needs. I usually eat how much my body wants which is where the mistake is. 

I'm slowly realizing the goal of eating is not to fill up on as much food as possible for every meal. It SHOULD be to nourish your body.

In America, we abuse this by overeating waaay more than we should, and that's why obesity is climbing at an alarming rate. Somewhere, this vicious cycle of glutton needs to be broken.

It all begins with where your eating habits were learned from, which was most likely from your parents. So this whole obesity epidemic really makes our parents, their parents, and their parents (etc.) slightly accountable for what we eat and how healthy we eat. 

Hopefully, overeating and the obesity epidemic begin winding down and this problem gets solved.