Numbers Don't Lie

Though I know that weight fluctuates each day, I'm already down the 4 lbs again and I didn't cheat at all yesterday. AND I started T25 Focus.

Which shows me that if you're doing what you're supposed to be, the results will come.

I really liked T25 because there's some of the moves from Insanity, but it's a shorter workout and I'm really challenged physically. Like I said the other day, Hip Hop Abs probably would have worked, but I felt like I was walking through the workout, which isn't how it should feel.

T25 made me have Insanity flashbacks, which isn't necessarily a bad thing! As much as I pushed myself physically and mentally through Insanity, the proof was in my clothes and on the scale. I lost 13 pounds over the 60 days after being fairly inactive.

I'm hoping to get a similar result from T25 but don't expect to lose as much weight as I did with Insanity because it isn't as intense. Shaun T says not to compare

I still got a very good workout though, don't get me wrong.

The train got derailed for a little while, but is now back on the tracks. :)