I mean....

Yikes, I went to McDonalds AND Subway yesterday...bad bad bad. I'm running out of groceries and don't have money (I had enough points at Subway for a free sub) nor do I want to buy fresh if I'm not going to be at my house much this weekend. 

It wouldn't make sense. 

This weekend won't get any better either.

Besides the fact that it's Easter weekend, my schedule is all screwy from the normal. I'm working tonight which I never do, I work weird hours tomorrow and then I'm getting inducted into an honor society.Then I've got errands to run with my best friend. Then I'm going to my Aunt's for a big ham dinner on Easter. 

My diet will not fare well. That's all I know.

But, holidays are tough. If your family eats healthy, then that's great! I know mine doesn't, but I'm okay with that. I think that's how Holidays are supposed to be.

You just have to find that balance in yourself to still enjoy what you're eating, but not go completely crazy with what you eat.

Have a good weekend everyone!!