I'm starting to think I need some sort of way to make myself accountable for not eating correctly, or implementing a non-food reward system when I do. I always can get through Breakfast and Lunch but dinner seems to lead me to eating whatever I please.

Which I really need to stop doing.

I don't really understand. I know I'm a stress eater and I currently am pretty stressed (not to mention today I'm not feeling the best) but I've got to get it together!

Last year I was motivated for a vacation and this year I should be motivated for Graduation but at the same time I think I'm sad and stressed about leaving college so I'm stress eating my way out of it.

I just need to figure out that balance. Eat well most of the time, exercise when I don't eat well. I just need to find that one big motivator that'll get me as hungry as I was last year to get healthy.