Schedules Make Things Easier

The title says it all. When I have a schedule, I eat better, period.

When I actually have to plan out my day and be places at certain times, it's so much easier to figure out what I'm eating. I have to bring my lunch so I don't go broke, and I not only save money but I HAVE to eat whatever I bring.

Meaning if I bring salad, I will be eating salad.

It's just so simple. 

Weekends are just so different in my eyes. Once I'm done with school I think it'll be a lot easier to plan meals because I'll have a set schedule once more.

I know it's not going to get any easier but I really need to get my weekend eating together...

..but I also need to start working out. My motivation to work out for some reason is at an all time low. I' think it might be because I just want to enjoy my last month as a college student. But like I said in the first post, no excuses.

So hopefully this will work itself out and I'll get back on track.

I do have a 5K to run in June.