It's alright.

For anyone who's gone to college, you understand that weekends are a different animal than the week. 

During the week, you have your set schedule with commitments clearly blocked out and know where you need to be and when.

During the weekend, you get to see your friends, relax, and unwind from the chaotic week you had. In theory, this led to my bad eating over the past few days. 

GRANTED, I said I'd have 4 cheat meals and I had 5-6.

But, then I realized...that's still a LOT better than what I was eating previously. So I really can't be mad. 

I still lost 4 lbs this week and that's nothing to be mad about either!!

I'm not really sure I have the motivation to work out still being in school but as long as I stick to my diet to a certain degree, I think I'm alright :)