It's been a very back and forth week but all in all a very good one! 

Beginning such a big diet like the flick of a light switch was a big shock to my body, but a necessary one. I've already noticed a few little changes after five days and so have my friends!

Granted, I have cheat meals and I went a little more overboard than I should have. But I'm learning to find my balance and how to stick to it. With what I usually eat and what I am eating now is a night and day difference. I've always eaten poorly with no real concept of trying to eat healthy and get all my nutrients.

I know I'm a stress eater. It's hard to resist those temptations of free pizza, cupcakes, etc. When you're a broke college student, free is like music to your ears. I'm finding you don't always HAVE to take the free food when it's offered. Nor should you always take it.

I know October seems so far away but I hope that I can lose 50lbs and finish my first big goal in staying healthy for life.