Great Day!

Well, today was an amazing day. I weighed myself after breakfast (on accident, forgot to before I ate) and was down 4lbs already!! I was so happy to see the progress coming that quick even though I knew it was most likely water weight and because I had such a poor diet before I started. 

I had a good eating day and had a cheat meal at dinner because I was celebrating my birthday late with my Aunt and Uncle. I figure going out to eat is going to happen and I'll have to figure out how to air on the side of caution when I do, but also to remember I don't have to have the perfect diet all the time either.

I will be dancing tonight, so hopefully that'll burn off some of the calories I've went over on (over by about 500 today, yikes)

Other than that, I consider this week pretty successful because I haven't been too bad and have only had 2 out of 4 cheat meals. When I did Advocare, they said if you ate clean 80% of the time and were trying to lose weight that you would still see changes. I am already seeing it in my stomach a litte :) 

Hope everyone had as great of a day as I did!! Stay positive and keep pushing on.