Hump day has been a Rough One..

Ugh. Today has been BEYOND frustrating. I was going to have my first cheat meal of the week (I allow myself 4/week) at Subway which is probably the most healthy fast food you can find AND I had enough points for a free sub. But, my Subway ended up being closed and Siri wouldn't let me know about any other Subways...and McDonald's was right next door.

To be honest, I don't really know my way around the city well and didn't want to spend half of my lunch hour searching frantically for another Subway. I don't get frustrated or upset easily but today has been one for the books.

So I caved and spent money on McDonald's. Money I really don't have and wanted to get lettuce and more chicken with.

This broke college student struggle is beyond real.

I just need more time to be able to work. a 40 hour internship doesn't leave you more than two days to work, and I think everyone needs at least ONE day off a week for themselves. I know I do or I go crazy. 

So now I just have to go super hard at the gym today and burn at least 1300 calories so that I can be on track for the day...

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.