Day 2

I can really tell I haven't worked out in awhile. My abs after (what seemed like) a fairly easy workout yesterday hurt. Waiting for it to be worse tomorrow. But today is going well so far other than a dreary day outside. I've eaten scrambled eggs and strawberries for breakfast, a chicken salad, blackberries and an apple for lunch, and will be having grilled chicken, green beans and couscous for dinner once again. Those are my go to meals because I know they're healthy and will produce results. I don't really consider a chocolate chip cookie or sugar free chocolate pudding cheating (I had a cookie for lunch today and chocolate pudding last night after my workout) because the rest of the diet has been so clean. More of a reward.

Yesterday, I also began a SparkPeople profile (billsmafiababe is my username if you'd like to add me) because my cousin uses it to track her weight loss and has experienced a great amount of success with it. I think it will be a great tool and motivator as well as helping me keep track of my calories in and out and my exercise.

Today for exercise, I plan on doing day 2 of Hip Hop Abs and going to the gym since it isn't raining cats and dogs. I'm going to the gym with my roommates to learn what they do when they go. I'm really excited because I haven't been on an elliptical in awhile and my legs and glutes can use loooooots of toning. It's nice to get lost in the music and think about things while destressing through exercise.

I also have a Nike Fuelband and will let you all know how it works out. I'm not really sure because I've only used it a day or two but have been trying to wear it when I get home from my internship (since it would look kind of weird to wear one in an office setting).

Day two is nearly in the books!