It's true. I actually ran. 

If you know anything about me, you know I'm athletic, but not in any way shape or form a distance runner. I may have played soccer for 10 years, volleyball for 10 years, and lacrosse for 4 years but don't let the athleticism fool you. I was way more in tune with the skills needed for the sport than the running associated with it. 

I never understood it. Maybe I just wasn't born to run like Bruce Springsteen and company. 

In fact, I know I wasn't.

I always was one of the slowest. In gym class or on sports teams. I was used to it though. My skillwork made up for my lack of being able to run.

So training for this 5K is going to be tough, but I think it'll put me back on the path of wanting to get into shape and kickstart the rest of my healthy life!

Hiatus is OVER

Okay, so I got pretty busy.

....and by pretty busy, I mean EXTREMELY busy.

With graduation and moving out of my town home and my house flooding..I was super stressed and ate whatever was left in the town home. Not good...and excuses galore. I know I should have done better.

But I'm here today to shout from the mountaintops that I'm restarting. 

I'm now moved back into my house and ready to begin again. I needed to get settled and go through the changes necessary to be able to work out and eat correctly. 

Though my mom brings home some tempting treats...I need to realize that I have to be able to handle them being there...and can have them in moderation.

But, I've gotta start somewhere. There's a 5K next month!


That's my description of this week so far. Blah.

The weather is blah. My eating is blah. My workout it's not blah. It's nonexistent so far. 

I know weather is not an excuse but at this time last year we were soaking up some sun (even if it was a little chilly) and enjoying being outside. All it is this year is rainy and cold.

Which sucks.

I need to start pulling motivation from somewhere. I think once I need to start training for my 5K it'll be a lot easier (I hope). Those of you who know me know I'm not a distance runner whatsoever.

So a 5K should be interesting.

What were some of your biggest fitness accomplishments?! How did you get motivated to accomplish these things?!


As I've said before, weekends are tough to stay good during. It's also hard when you have no money, you're in college, and weekends are your one time to relax. 

Not to say it's any excuse. But it kind of is.

I'm hoping after I graduate this entire situation will become a lot easier to embrace and go on with.

Then, I'll be working weekends and have less of a chance to eat poorly because it will be easier to plan meals and eat what I bring.

I also lost my motivation to work out because I went up 3 flights of 20 stairs about 10 times and considered that and running around a stadium my workout for Sunday.

So hopefully my motivation hits when the day comes to begin training for the 5K.

I want to RUN across that 50 yard line and be proud of my accomplishments.


I'm surprised. Last night I controlled my urges for the most part when I had to deal with a buffet style dinner. I didn't overeat, but took portions I thought were more normal, and close to the serving size. It was a great feeling being able to not fill my plate up with pasta before the big dinner and still feel full at the end of the meal.

But saving two Focus T25 workouts for one day was a bad idea. I feel like I couldn't do my second workout as well as I could have because I was tired from the first one. I definitely can feel it this morning in my legs (calves specifically) and a little in my abs. I'm excited to do the ab interval workout today because I love ab workouts. It's one thing I feel like I'm really good at doing...formwise and I generally enjoy it.

I think it's finally starting to click. You can still eat some foods that aren't necessarily the BEST for you, as long as it's in moderation.




So it's Wednesday and there are 4 days until the home opener at my internship so everyone is beyond busy preparing. Luckily, I've been sticking to my diet really well.

Exercise not so much. But I know that's only about 30% of the equation. I'm going to do 2 Focus T25 workouts tonight to make up for missing a day.

I'm hoping I will stick to this workout program because I really need to and know that it's still important. 

Unfortunately, a cheat meal will be happening tonight at our dinner/banquet for the Rhinos tonight. I'm going to try to not go overboard, but eat as much as my body needs. I usually eat how much my body wants which is where the mistake is. 

I'm slowly realizing the goal of eating is not to fill up on as much food as possible for every meal. It SHOULD be to nourish your body.

In America, we abuse this by overeating waaay more than we should, and that's why obesity is climbing at an alarming rate. Somewhere, this vicious cycle of glutton needs to be broken.

It all begins with where your eating habits were learned from, which was most likely from your parents. So this whole obesity epidemic really makes our parents, their parents, and their parents (etc.) slightly accountable for what we eat and how healthy we eat. 

Hopefully, overeating and the obesity epidemic begin winding down and this problem gets solved.

Numbers Don't Lie

Though I know that weight fluctuates each day, I'm already down the 4 lbs again and I didn't cheat at all yesterday. AND I started T25 Focus.

Which shows me that if you're doing what you're supposed to be, the results will come.

I really liked T25 because there's some of the moves from Insanity, but it's a shorter workout and I'm really challenged physically. Like I said the other day, Hip Hop Abs probably would have worked, but I felt like I was walking through the workout, which isn't how it should feel.

T25 made me have Insanity flashbacks, which isn't necessarily a bad thing! As much as I pushed myself physically and mentally through Insanity, the proof was in my clothes and on the scale. I lost 13 pounds over the 60 days after being fairly inactive.

I'm hoping to get a similar result from T25 but don't expect to lose as much weight as I did with Insanity because it isn't as intense. Shaun T says not to compare

I still got a very good workout though, don't get me wrong.

The train got derailed for a little while, but is now back on the tracks. :)

Time to Refresh!


Something we do to begin again.

This is what I'm doing today. Refreshing my diet. I gave it the good old college try for about half a week and when it came to cheat meals went overboard.

That needs to stop happening. I've got way too many things that I need to succeed at this summer. Being healthy will help me accomplish that much more efficiently.  A 5k, a summer camp for kids, and putting myself out there to find a job.

I'm starting T25 today because I'm almost positive that Hip Hop Abs is not doing enough for my body. I got bored with it way too easily. After doing Insanity, NOTHING compares to it. They aren't kidding when they say it's insane.

So today is a reset.

It doesn't mean I won't fumble still.

It doesn't mean I will be able to fulfill my goals 100% every time.

It doesn't mean it will be easy.

But at least I can say that I tried.

I mean....

Yikes, I went to McDonalds AND Subway yesterday...bad bad bad. I'm running out of groceries and don't have money (I had enough points at Subway for a free sub) nor do I want to buy fresh if I'm not going to be at my house much this weekend. 

It wouldn't make sense. 

This weekend won't get any better either.

Besides the fact that it's Easter weekend, my schedule is all screwy from the normal. I'm working tonight which I never do, I work weird hours tomorrow and then I'm getting inducted into an honor society.Then I've got errands to run with my best friend. Then I'm going to my Aunt's for a big ham dinner on Easter. 

My diet will not fare well. That's all I know.

But, holidays are tough. If your family eats healthy, then that's great! I know mine doesn't, but I'm okay with that. I think that's how Holidays are supposed to be.

You just have to find that balance in yourself to still enjoy what you're eating, but not go completely crazy with what you eat.

Have a good weekend everyone!!

Trying Something New

So I had a friend suggest to me that switching your big meal (dinner) and a smaller meal (lunch) will help curb you appetite. So, when you get to dinner time, you'll be more full from the bigger meal you ate at lunchtime, therefore making you less likely to overeat when you get to dinner, and enough to hold you over until breakfast the next morning

Why haven't I thought of that before? It's so logical and I'm glad it got brought up to me. I'm really hoping it works out!

I just feel like I want to finish school and then really be able to focus on my weight loss and finding a job. I feel like there is way too many end of the year activities coinciding with graduation to be able to focus on losing weight right now. 

I swear I'm not trying to use that as an excuse.

It's my biggest accomplishment in life. Something I've been working towards for four years. Not everyone gets to this point either. 

Plus I'm the first one in my family to graduate because neither of my parents did. So it's a huge deal and I want to be able to remember everyone who helped me get where I am today.


I'm starting to think I need some sort of way to make myself accountable for not eating correctly, or implementing a non-food reward system when I do. I always can get through Breakfast and Lunch but dinner seems to lead me to eating whatever I please.

Which I really need to stop doing.

I don't really understand. I know I'm a stress eater and I currently am pretty stressed (not to mention today I'm not feeling the best) but I've got to get it together!

Last year I was motivated for a vacation and this year I should be motivated for Graduation but at the same time I think I'm sad and stressed about leaving college so I'm stress eating my way out of it.

I just need to figure out that balance. Eat well most of the time, exercise when I don't eat well. I just need to find that one big motivator that'll get me as hungry as I was last year to get healthy.

Schedules Make Things Easier

The title says it all. When I have a schedule, I eat better, period.

When I actually have to plan out my day and be places at certain times, it's so much easier to figure out what I'm eating. I have to bring my lunch so I don't go broke, and I not only save money but I HAVE to eat whatever I bring.

Meaning if I bring salad, I will be eating salad.

It's just so simple. 

Weekends are just so different in my eyes. Once I'm done with school I think it'll be a lot easier to plan meals because I'll have a set schedule once more.

I know it's not going to get any easier but I really need to get my weekend eating together...

..but I also need to start working out. My motivation to work out for some reason is at an all time low. I' think it might be because I just want to enjoy my last month as a college student. But like I said in the first post, no excuses.

So hopefully this will work itself out and I'll get back on track.

I do have a 5K to run in June.

It's alright.

For anyone who's gone to college, you understand that weekends are a different animal than the week. 

During the week, you have your set schedule with commitments clearly blocked out and know where you need to be and when.

During the weekend, you get to see your friends, relax, and unwind from the chaotic week you had. In theory, this led to my bad eating over the past few days. 

GRANTED, I said I'd have 4 cheat meals and I had 5-6.

But, then I realized...that's still a LOT better than what I was eating previously. So I really can't be mad. 

I still lost 4 lbs this week and that's nothing to be mad about either!!

I'm not really sure I have the motivation to work out still being in school but as long as I stick to my diet to a certain degree, I think I'm alright :)


It's been a very back and forth week but all in all a very good one! 

Beginning such a big diet like the flick of a light switch was a big shock to my body, but a necessary one. I've already noticed a few little changes after five days and so have my friends!

Granted, I have cheat meals and I went a little more overboard than I should have. But I'm learning to find my balance and how to stick to it. With what I usually eat and what I am eating now is a night and day difference. I've always eaten poorly with no real concept of trying to eat healthy and get all my nutrients.

I know I'm a stress eater. It's hard to resist those temptations of free pizza, cupcakes, etc. When you're a broke college student, free is like music to your ears. I'm finding you don't always HAVE to take the free food when it's offered. Nor should you always take it.

I know October seems so far away but I hope that I can lose 50lbs and finish my first big goal in staying healthy for life.

Great Day!

Well, today was an amazing day. I weighed myself after breakfast (on accident, forgot to before I ate) and was down 4lbs already!! I was so happy to see the progress coming that quick even though I knew it was most likely water weight and because I had such a poor diet before I started. 

I had a good eating day and had a cheat meal at dinner because I was celebrating my birthday late with my Aunt and Uncle. I figure going out to eat is going to happen and I'll have to figure out how to air on the side of caution when I do, but also to remember I don't have to have the perfect diet all the time either.

I will be dancing tonight, so hopefully that'll burn off some of the calories I've went over on (over by about 500 today, yikes)

Other than that, I consider this week pretty successful because I haven't been too bad and have only had 2 out of 4 cheat meals. When I did Advocare, they said if you ate clean 80% of the time and were trying to lose weight that you would still see changes. I am already seeing it in my stomach a litte :) 

Hope everyone had as great of a day as I did!! Stay positive and keep pushing on.

Hump day has been a Rough One..

Ugh. Today has been BEYOND frustrating. I was going to have my first cheat meal of the week (I allow myself 4/week) at Subway which is probably the most healthy fast food you can find AND I had enough points for a free sub. But, my Subway ended up being closed and Siri wouldn't let me know about any other Subways...and McDonald's was right next door.

To be honest, I don't really know my way around the city well and didn't want to spend half of my lunch hour searching frantically for another Subway. I don't get frustrated or upset easily but today has been one for the books.

So I caved and spent money on McDonald's. Money I really don't have and wanted to get lettuce and more chicken with.

This broke college student struggle is beyond real.

I just need more time to be able to work. a 40 hour internship doesn't leave you more than two days to work, and I think everyone needs at least ONE day off a week for themselves. I know I do or I go crazy. 

So now I just have to go super hard at the gym today and burn at least 1300 calories so that I can be on track for the day...

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Day 2

I can really tell I haven't worked out in awhile. My abs after (what seemed like) a fairly easy workout yesterday hurt. Waiting for it to be worse tomorrow. But today is going well so far other than a dreary day outside. I've eaten scrambled eggs and strawberries for breakfast, a chicken salad, blackberries and an apple for lunch, and will be having grilled chicken, green beans and couscous for dinner once again. Those are my go to meals because I know they're healthy and will produce results. I don't really consider a chocolate chip cookie or sugar free chocolate pudding cheating (I had a cookie for lunch today and chocolate pudding last night after my workout) because the rest of the diet has been so clean. More of a reward.

Yesterday, I also began a SparkPeople profile (billsmafiababe is my username if you'd like to add me) because my cousin uses it to track her weight loss and has experienced a great amount of success with it. I think it will be a great tool and motivator as well as helping me keep track of my calories in and out and my exercise.

Today for exercise, I plan on doing day 2 of Hip Hop Abs and going to the gym since it isn't raining cats and dogs. I'm going to the gym with my roommates to learn what they do when they go. I'm really excited because I haven't been on an elliptical in awhile and my legs and glutes can use loooooots of toning. It's nice to get lost in the music and think about things while destressing through exercise.

I also have a Nike Fuelband and will let you all know how it works out. I'm not really sure because I've only used it a day or two but have been trying to wear it when I get home from my internship (since it would look kind of weird to wear one in an office setting).

Day two is nearly in the books!

The Beginning of my Fitness Journey

Height - 5'7" Weight - 208.2 lbs

Day 1 Photo - Front

Day 1 Photo - Side

Diet guidelines - some have changed

Yep. I did it. One of the hardest things EVER for a woman to do. I posted that number. That awful, disgusting number. No, I'm not happy with it. No, it shouldn't be that high.


I have absolutely nobody to blame but myself for it. While I blame it on the fact that I'm busy, about to graduate college and look for a real job. Or because I work 40 hours a week at my internship Or because I work on the 6th day I'm not at my internship. Or that I have a class. Or I play volleyball two nights a week. Or that I'm in two honor societies and in a workshop to earn a leadership certificate. Or because I buy my own groceries. Or because I don't have time to workout.

There are NO EXCUSES.

I almost cried the first time I reached a weight over 200 lbs. In society today, it isn't normal for girls. The things the media force feeds us in magazines..we all know that it isn't real, but still have that weird feeling that we should try and look like the models do. But for their height and weight, it's unhealthy.

So how do we get past that?

We truly have to believe in ourselves and in our hearts that we are beautiful no matter what. Also, we need to know we have people who love us for who we are right now.

We may not be happy with how we look, and we can change that if we'd like.

Today, I ate pretty clean (except for my usual onion bagel with garlic spread in the morning) which I just did because I don't want the bagels to go stale. I also did day 1 of Hip Hop abs and a 30 minute cardio workout from Pinterest

I'm going to make this first post a little longer because I really have so much to say.

I began doing Insanity around the last week or two of December in 2011. I didn't get to finish it the first time because my grandma had passed 2 weeks before I would have been done (in February 2012). Emotionally, there was no way I could have finished. So, I tried it again next year in December 2013 and finished the day after she had passed one year prior. I kept saying I did it for her and helped use her passing to motivate me because it's what she would have wanted, but deep down I knew I did it for MYSELF.

The last day of Insanity, I began the Advocare diet. I'm not about to preach to you what's right or what's wrong, but it did work. I cheated a lot more towards the end because it was midterm week but it is hard to eat as clean as they ask for 24 days straight, ESPECIALLY when you're a picky eater like I am.

I lost 13 lbs with Insanity, and another 15 with Advocare. Just in time to hop a plane to St. Croix for vacation, and then my 21st birthday a week later.

After that, I pretty much ate whatever I wanted, didn't care about the nutrition value whatsoever, and gained back the weight nearly just as fast as I had lost it. Want to know why?

I didn't keep up with exercising or the healthy eating choices I had been making.


College got stressful. Again though, no excuses for that.

So here I stand nearly 15 lbs MORE than what I was when I started in December 2012.

I hope you're buckled's going to be a bumpy ride.